Lizard's Hate Mail Page

You cry that I'm the villain
And you whine that I am bad
While I give your life some interest
And a reason to be sad
You're all unfit to judge me
But you'll judge me if you can
And if you think I'm evil
Clearly, you don't understand...

Michael Longcor

Wow! I finally got a third piece of hate mail! Happiness beyond words! Joy! Rapture! Time taken away from my latest writing project! Ah well, I've had a wretched day, so this little bit of joy was well deserved. Bouncy bouncy happy Lizard! (Trust me, a bouncy Lizard is not a sight you wish to see....the newest missive, and my reply, is at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Hey! At long last, after over three years, I finally got another missive truly worth of this page! I shall simply post it verbatim -- I do not think any comment or criticism is required. Suffice it to say, folks, I think we have the next Thomas Aquinas here!)

Welcome to my hate mail page! I sort of figured I'd have had this up ages ago, but, for some reason, the mail I get has been generally positive, or at least totally incomprehensible. (Why have three people asked me about Satanism? I have nothing against Old Scratch, but my page isn't generally 'satanic'.) But, today (1/5/97) my fondest dream has come true -- a genuine piece of anti-Lizard mail. Sadly, it's not particularly over-the-top and frothing, just sort of sad&lonely, but what the heck -- I'm not picky. It'll do for a start. And for the rest of you bleeding-hearts out preachers of pity, you avatars of altruism, you clerics of compassion (lamas of illiteration?)-- send some of that 'caring' my way and send me a nice piece of mail telling me what an evil, rotten, greedy, selfish person I am -- so I can post it here and make fun of you. Sure, you'll gain nothing and I'll gain some laughs at your expense -- but isn't that what 'self-sacrifice' means?

In any event loop, here's the hate mail page index!

  1. From Mr./Ms. Britton Jones!
  2. From Robert Kiess
  3. From ZaurusMaster

From Britton Jones

I go through these pages looking for something constructive... in a word Redeaming, having nothing to do with the religious zealots, and found little if any of that in your page... time and wars have proven that the only thing that perpetuates freedom of speech is all of us focusing our efforts in the same direction... In doing that we show that we DO "care" about each other. The religious right would like us to think that the word "caring" originated with the inception of their views... Me thinks you needs to loose a few rights before you are worth having at my side Sir Lancelot, knight of deep thought. Till then I'll have to fight the fight protecting your rights without you.

And my reply....

(BTW, your 'reply to' line is broken. You'd better take a look at that.)

At 03:46 AM 12/23/96 -0800, you wrote:

I go through these pages looking for something constructive... in a word Redeaming, having nothing to do with the religious zealots, and found little if any of that in your page...

Don't recall ever claiming there *was* anything redeeming on my page. (If I did, I was lying, and I apologise.) If you do stumble across anything moral, uplifting, inspiring, or otherwise positive, I urge you to alert me to it, and I shall remove it at *once*! I shall have no benevolence corrupting my page! I stand for greed, selfishness, cynicism, and general mean-spiritedness! I am Scrooge, the Grinch, and Gollum all rolled up into one, and with all hope of final redemption removed. I always make time in a busy day to stop and kill the flowers. I have the heart of a small boy -- in a jar on my desk. Insert any number of other bumper-sticker cliches here!

time and wars have proven that the only thing that perpetuates freedom of speech is all of us focusing our efforts in the same direction...

Actually, the only thing which perpetuates freedom of speech is people unwilling to be silenced...and willing to fight back, by any means necessary, against those who would silence them. Freedom of speech, or any other freedom, is not going to be given to you. Like the Great Man (RAH) said:You can have freedom or you can have peace. Don't ever count on having both at the same time.

In doing that we show that we DO "care" about each other.

But I don't. I certainly don't care about you, for example. (Why *should* I? I don't know you. Based on what little I can guess about you from your letter, I probably wouldn't like you if I *did* know you. Given the fact that there are probably thousands of people I would like a lot better than you whom I could choose to care about, why would I choose to care about *you*? Not a rhetorical question. You claim we should care about 'each other'. Why should I, Lizard, personally, care about you, Britton Jones, personally? Given also my time and resources (and thus, the ability to make 'caring' meaningful) are limited, give me a reason to devote my limited (but not *entirely* (yet) nonexistent) compassion to you.) I care about my girlfriend, and my cats, and...uhm...ok, my girlfriend and my cats. (And myself, of course!) So? You got a problem with that? Should I *pretend* to care? I could easily put on my web page that I spend forty hours a week at a shelter for homeless disabled pregnant Vietnam vets. But I don't. Why lie? To meet some artificial 'moral' standard set by society?

I have noticed that the preachers of compassion do not care if their victim-of-the-moment is actually helped or not. What they care about is that people praise them for their compassion, that they are *acknowledged* as 'caring' people...and, even more importantly, that no one question their morality. It would make a lot of people very happy if I simply *claimed* to support the morality of altruism, even if I never did anything altruistic, because that way I'd be playing their game. But instead, here I am, saying the unthinkable -- that people should care *for themselves*. The emperor is buck-ass naked, Mr/Ms. Jones, and I have no problem declaring that fact. What would happen to the guilt industry if my worldview were to spread? What if they gave a $10,000-dollar-a-plate charity dinner and nobody came? What if we each took care of ourselves, and those we personally choose to care about, and did not expect some nebulous thing called 'society' to do the job for us? What happens then? What do those who define themselves by how much they help the weak do when everyone is strong? What do the people who seek sainthood by living among lepers do when leprosy is cured? What happens to the professional pitiers when there is no one left to pity?

If you define yourself by your 'compassion', you must work to create a world where there will always be someone to feel sorry for. Now, THAT'S sick.

The religious right would like us to think that the word "caring" originated with the inception of their views.

Fair enough. It was Jesus, with his anti-human, immoral credo of self-sacrifice, who created the miserable world we live in today. Christianity is the single most immoral religion in the history of mankind (and it's up against some pretty stiff competition!). Christianity is based on the premise that the highest morality consists of destroying yourself for no reason whatsoever -- and thus, for two thousand years, we've had a society torn between a credo that holds that the only good is self-destruction on the one hand and the basic desire of all living things to continue to live on the other. The morality of Christianity is the morality of death. I choose life.

(You know, in the 1.5 years my page, in its' various incarnations, has been up, yours is the first negative letter I've gotten (at least the first with all the words spelled correctly, and with both nouns *and* verbs in the sentences), and I average 2-3 pieces of mail on it a week. I suspect most viewers of my little homage to the Dark Side share your morality, but realize that any such letter to me would just engender a reply more-or-less like the one you just got, and, further, give me some fodder. Congratulations, Britton. You get to be the first (and thus far, only) resident of my about-to-be-created 'Hate Mail I've Received' page. Along with this reply, including this addendum, of course.)

(OK, 'hate mail' is far too strong a word, I admit. But 'mildly critical mail' lacks something.)

Have a nice day.

That's all so far...but I must admit, it brightened up my day. Lizard has been having a wretched weekend, for a variety of reasons, and having an excuse to let go with a good bile-spewing has really helped me feel better. So, Mr/Ms Jones, if you ever read this, you can take comfort in the fact you actually did make another human being happy today (1/5/97, mark it down) -- and the fact that the human being in question is someone you have every reason to wish ill means your act is truly altruistic, as you gained no selfish pleasure from helping someone you actually would have a reason to care about.

From Robert (Or is it David? He forgets) Kiess
Hey, You told Christians to think so I did. I am a believer in Christ. The universe can tell us more than enough about God. Unbelievers or Atheists are the ones who do not think. They trade truth for foolish lies and made up thoughts. First of all atheists don't believe in god because for the simple fact that they do not want to be ruled. "I will do what I want to do," says the arogant human. And on the bassis of that they begin to procede with their foolish scientific, atheistic views. I was at lunch one day with this kid from my school. We were talking about God and creation. He was an atheist. He told me the universe had no meaning. He told me that there is no afterlife. Basically God had no purpose and no meaning. You say the universe has no meaning and yet you find meaning in that very statement you just said. Even your thoughts can not escape from meaning because every thought is meaningful in of itself. There is no truth you say, but yet you find truth in that very statement and rest in that. There are no absolutes you say and yet you find the absolute in that very statement you just said. If there is no afterlife we never had to begin in the first place. "Big Bang" could have said before it blew up "Gee there is no point for me to blow up so I'll just stay self contained for all eternity. Why go through all the trouble? I'm staying just like this for all eternity!" There is no such thing as nothingness. The word or concept has meaning in the word itself. To think of nothingness is not nothingness because your mind which is something thinks the idea up. Sin created the concept of nothingness because it looks elsewhere besides God. If God is the only thing in existence and we sin or look elswhere for love we find NOTHINGNESS because God is the only one in existence. Through Him all THINGS were made. Sin is not supposed to exist. Sin is like a negitive sign - and love is like a plus sign + We realy don't need the negitive sign. The plus sign + can just exist for all eternity. It is content with itself. If we lived without doubt or sin we would have never known the concept of nothingness because we are in a loving relationship with God where we are occupied in love with him. By our freewill we destroyed that loving relationship by looking to ourselves(Pride). For Satan said "You will be LIKE God!" Hense PRIDE!! Unfortunatly our culture and modern society trashes this kind of doctrine. They say the Bible is full of MYTH. "HA HA HA," they say what a joke, what a fairytale. But I say to you HA HA HA Big Bang. Something came from nothing. I am glad we found the ABSOLUTE truth. That something comes from nothing. When was the last time you saw a Lemming pop into existence right in front of you eyes? It takes more faith to believe in evolution or Big Bang than it does in God. Chance you say? Chance itself is an intelligence trying to start Big Bang. Chance has no essance behind it. What are the chances the universe was created by chance? Not a chance! By chance our world was placed where it is in orbit? If our world were off orbit by an inch life would not be possible. By chance humans evolved and it just so happens by chance that when you put a man and woman together you get another human being. Let me ask you a question. Are you sure there is no truth or absolutes? Are you ABSOLUTLY sure there is no absolute? If so, thank you very much. You are the absolute. I have to go tell the whole world I found the ABSOLUTE answer and meaning behind the whole universe. It is you. If not I suggest you rethink your atheistic ideas and consider a very long study in theology and the bible. Arogance leads to destruction and dumb ideas. Christ came to bring us back to the LOVING absolute.......GOD THE FATHER!! In Christ, David Kiess

From ZaurusMaster(Doug)


Just curious, And, why would you want to put children at risk in chat rooms that have been a hunting ground for perverts, molesters and murderers of children? That's not curmudgeonly; that's just idiocy.

You sound like some poor, low self-esteemed, loser trying to make a name for yourself by being intentionally dense. Perhaps you have a better reason. It's just that, at the moment, no others come to mind. Either you hate children, or people, or (more likely) yourself. Even if you were a pedophile your ramblings would not make sense.

Get a clue would be good advice. So would get a life. Me, I'm just researching a college project and happened across your stuff.


And, my reply...

I'm not entirely sure which essay you're referring to; could you post a link? Thanks.

IAE, to answer your questions

a)Regarding toasters and pizza -- because I despise catering to morons.

b)Chat rooms. (Really confused as to what in particular you're referring to here, but what the smeg...) Because I believe in freedom of speech. Also, it's very difficult for a pervert in a chat room to do any harm, since he cannot reach out of the screen and grab a child. He can only harm a child if the child is foolish enough to tell him how to reach him or her in the real world. When *I* was a child, longer ago than I currently care to recall, I was taught never to talk to strangers, and, most especially, never to tell them where I lived. This was WAY before the Internet; sometimes, it feels like it was before the telephone. The "children molested after talking to people in chat rooms" isn't *quite* an urban myth, but it's close enough; as a percentage of total child molestations, it's meaningless. If every chat room in the world were shut down tomorrow, there would be no significant change in the number of children kidnapped or molested. A child is in far more danger at the local mall. (Indeed, the most likely molestor of a child, by a large percentage, is not a random stranger on the net or at a mall -- it's a father, sibling, or family friend. And there is NOTHING anyone, not private citizens or government agencies, can do to prevent it, only, maybe, to help after the fact. Maybe. Rarely. Very rarely. And THAT is far more tragic than any idiots killing themselves with a toaster.)

c)You're still in college. This explains much. Granted, when *I* was in college, I pretty much held the same ideas I do now, but, as I noted recently to a friend, "I turned 65 when I was 12." Most people take a while to reach my levels of cynicism. Most never do, and that's why we have the world we do.

d)Two out of three ain't bad -- I do, indeed, hate children and people in general. I do not hate myself. If I did, why would I bother staying alive? One quick slice of the wrists, and the object of my hatred would be handily eliminated, no?

e)My sincerest thanks to you. In over six years of running my website, I've had barely two pieces of genuine hate mail. Yours is the third. Thankyouthankyouthankyou. I cannot tell how happy you've made me.

Happy Lizard! Happy happy happy bounce bounce bounce!!!!

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