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If You Can Read This, You're Under Arrest

Why We Are Ruled By Madmen

Greetings. If you live in Ohio, or in Australia, turn back now. If you read the next paragraph, you will be committing a felony and may face jail time or heavy fines. If you can avert your eyes, the paragraph following the next is still legal for you to read. Maybe. I've written the legal paragraph in normal text and the felonious paragraph in italics, just so you're clear.

Fifteen year old Billy thrust his turgid manhood into the wet and willing love tunnel of fourteen year old Betty.

Nineteen year old Billy thrust his turgid manhood into the wet and willing love tunnel of eighteen year old Betty.

See the difference? See why reading one of those paragraphs makes you a criminal on a par with muggers, car thieves, and pot smokers? Don't know what the smeg I'm talking about? Check out this one on Ohio and this one on Australia.

In case the links are dead, a quick summary:In Ohio, a man was arrested and jailed for a private journal -- shown to no one, seen by no one, written solely for his own purposes -- in which he described the imprisonment and torture of young children. No one claims he had any intention of carrying out these acts;he just wrote about them. In Australia, a man has been fined 10,000 Aussie dollars (which is, what, $17.50 US?) for having text documents on his hard drive describing sex with children, probably downloaded from Usenet or from any of the thousands of story archives on the net. In neither case were any real children involved, threatened, or otherwise endangered in any way -- both cases dealt with individuals reading or writing material that was wholly fictitious and had no bearing on reality. (Sort of like the minds of our ruling class.)

Yes, folks, we have reached the point in our social degeneration when reading about non-existent 'children' having non-existent sex is viewed as identical to producing actual child pornography filmed with actual children. We have become, in short, an insane society -- we have lost the ability to distinguish reality from fantasy.

Or, rather, our leaders have. We are the sane, ruled by the insane. We have people like Joe Lieberman, who goes mad over imaginary violence happening to images composed of blobs of color on a screen, but says nothing about schools across the nation who force real children to commit acts of real violence, where real blood is shed and real bones are broken (and, several times each year, real lives are lost, for real and for ever). (This compelled ritual bloodletting at schools is called 'mandatory physical education'. And, yes, teens die from it. About as many as die from school shootings each year, in fact.)

The inability of people to distinguish reality from fantasy has always been present, but never before has it been so visible and obvious in putatively civilized, free, societies. It stems, I think, from religion -- religion is based on believing one made-up story is more true than all the others, that simply because something is written in a book (or spoken by a preacher), it is real. If a person believes a donkey can talk (and, no, I don't mean Eddie Murphy) because a book says it did, then it is hardly surprising they are grossly out of touch with anything resembling objective reality. It is only recently, though(in America, at least), that the madmen have been allowed to rule openly, to force us all to live according to their insanity. They cannot tell true from false, reality from fiction, ideas from things -- so we are all to cripple our minds, to not even think of things which may be wrong, criminal, or immoral -- for to think of a crime is to commit a crime. This, too, stems from faith -- a religion which teaches that to think lustfully of a woman is morally identical to having sex with her is a religion which teaches madness. (For more of my ranting on the topics of imagination and religion, check out More Fictional Than Thou and Fear Of An Imagi Nation)

It is not hard to imagine (which may itself be a crime soon -- after all, no criminal acts without first thinking of the crime, right?) where this might lead. Ban all murder mysteries -- after all, most of them go into great detail about how the crime was committed and the cunning tricks used by the killer to foil the police (except, of course, for the hero or heroine of the tale). Ban all stories featuring sex and violence intermingles -- such as Roots. Ban anything discussing drugs or drug use in a positive, or even neutral, light. (The government is already bribing television scriptwriters to include anti-drug messages in their programs)

Hell, ban thought itself. It's clear obeying such a ban is a prerequisite for being a judge in Ohio or Australia.

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